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Rehabilitation services at Czech Rehabilitation Hospital, managed by Royal Health Rehabilitation Hospitals Management, provide care for adults with a range of functional impairments arising from acute, sub-acute, or chronic conditions, acquired or congenital abnormalities. Rehabilitation services in the Hospital aim to improve functional status by reducing impairment, activity limitation, and participation restriction, thereby enabling people to maximize their independence and quality of life.

Management and care within the Hospital services are provided by multidisciplinary teams with rehabilitation expertise. They work in various settings including:

  • Inpatient Programs include: hospital-based services.
  • Outpatient Program
  • Transitional programs from hospital to home
  • Community-based rehabilitation
  • Consultative program
  • Group programs addressing areas such as mobility, and social skills

Rehabilitation services in the hospital include: short-term, long-term or episodic depending upon the nature of the patient’s condition. Central to the provision of rehabilitation services in the hospital is the collaboration between multidisciplinary teams, patients and carers. This collaboration guides the development and implementation of care plans and the process of reviewing a patient’s progress against stated goals.

Quality rehabilitation activities in the hospital are patient-focused, educating and enabling patient self-management and considering the experiences of patients and those who care for them. This module focuses on the provision of dedicated rehabilitation services addressing specific functional limitations across multiple physical and psychological domains.

  • Our Mission

    To offer the most comprehensive rehabilitation care under one roof, with state-of -the-art technology, evidence based practice and holistic approach to rebuilding lives with dignity .

  • Our Vision

    To provide exceptional continuum of care, patient experience and innovation during the rehabilitation journey, sharing experience and clinical expertise to achieve the highest standards of care to better serve the Emirati community .

  • Our Values

  • Our Philosophy

    To offer compassionate, integrated, and scientific approach to recovery from any injury, illness or disability


Czech Rehabilitation Hospital Managed by, Royal Health Rehabilitation Hospitals Management will strive to achieve the National and International recognitions and Accreditation Compatible with both a High Reliability Organization and High Performance Organization.


Czech Rehabilitation Hospital is Accredited by Joint Commission International Accreditation ( JCIA )

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