Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who are eligible to apply to CRH’s observership program include:

  • Students enrolled in a Health Professional School
  • Interns enrolled in an Internship Program
  • Residents or Fellows enrolled in a Residency or Fellowship Program
  • Licensed Clinicians seeking to enhance a specific skill or qualification for the purpose of examination (i.e. MRCPCh, etc.)

Application Process Guidelines

Completion of application

  • The process for the application will only begin once all required documents have already been completed and validated by our team.

Deadlines for the application:

  • Applications must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the requested Observership start date.
  • Applications submitted on short notice of the start date will not be accepted for review.

Duration of program:

  • The minimum duration for an observership at CRH is 2 weeks for Practicing Clinicians.
  • The maximum duration for an observership at CRH is 12 weeks.

Training start date:

  • Preferred start dates will always be subject to the approval of the preceptor of your specialty of interest.
  • Observership start date should always be a Monday.

Send all the documents to : observership@crh.ae