Eligibility Criteria

Following categories of candidates are eligible to apply in Czech Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH) Clinical Observership Program.

  • Students enrolled in a health professional school.
  • Interns enrolled in an internship program.
  • Residents or fellows enrolled in a residency or fellowship program.
  • Licensed clinicians seeking to enhance a specific skill or qualification for the purpose of examination.

Application Process Guidelines

Completion of application

  • The process of the application will only begin once all required documents are attached with the completed application form and submitted to the CRH Human Resource Department.
  • Clinical Observership Program in Approved Practice Setting (APS) falls under BASIC category.

Date of application Submission

  • Application must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the requested start date of the Clinical Observership.

Duration of the Clinical Observership Program

  • The minimum duration for Clinical Observership is two weeks for Practicing Clinicians and four weeks for all other applicants.
  • The maximum duration for a Clinical Observership is eight weeks.

Training start date:

  • Preferred start dates will always be subject to the approval of the specialty preceptor.
  • The Clinical Observership training will always starts on any Monday of the month.

Send all documents to : observership@crh.ae

Application outcome

CRH Human Resource Department will forward all completed applications to the Clinical Observership Program Director for the review.
The Director of Clinical Observership Program in consultation with the speciality preceptor will decide on acceptance/rejection of the applications.
Applicant will be notified of the outcome of their application status by emails in 10 working days.
Due to the limited numbers of spots, it is likely that not all applicants will be provided a slot on their chosen dates.

Joining the Clinical Observership Program

The successful applicants will receive further instruction on the day of joining their Clinical Observership Program at CRH.
At the end of the Clinical Observership period, the participant will be evaluated by the preceptor.
A letter of completion will be issued to the participant by CRH Clinical Observership Program Director.