Burn rehabilitation

Our Approach

At the hospital, our interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists focuses on individual needs and rehabilitation goals. We understand that each patient brings a unique set of symptoms.

Treatment, Technology & Research

Our multidisciplinary team coordinates care at multiple levels to meet a full range of burn injury needs, including inpatient rehabilitation, long-term acute care, skilled nursing care, and outpatient rehabilitation, our Burn Rehabilitation Program features:

Weekly burn surgery consultation service:

Individual peer counseling and participation in community burn support groups

Assistive technology

Splinting and serial casting

Brace clinic

Information for cosmetics

Adaptive sports and community outings

Our burn Rehabilitation Program includes:

An interdisciplinary team approach by health care providers specialized in burn care is ideal and being followed at the hospital. It includes: physical/occupational and speech pathology therapists, physiatrist, rehab nurses, psychologist, social worker, the patient and their family members. Communication is critical to ensure treatment coordination and establishment of goals are met during and between the rehabilitation process

Physical and occupational therapy focused on progressive mobilization; restoration of function; improving strength, endurance and flexibility

  Interdisciplinary pain management

  Pre- and post-surgical care

Bracing and Orthotics

 Promote Functional living areas to practice newly learned therapy techniques and ensure a safe discharge