Orthopedic poly trauma rehabilitation
Orthopedic poly trauma rehabilitation

Polytrauma is a term created to describe injuries to multiple body parts or organs; the term is often used to describe a traumatic brain injury and additional physical disability.

Polytrauma system of care provides high quality care for patient who have suffered physical, cognitive, or psychological impairment and functional disability.

Our Approach

At the hospital, our interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation specialists focuses on individual needs and rehabilitation goals. We understand that each patient brings a unique set of symptoms.

We provide comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation and maintain a full team of professionals and consultants from other specialties related to polytraum.

Treatment, Technology & Research

At the hospital, provides and coordinates care at multiple levels to meet a full range of multi injury needs, including inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, and outpatient rehabilitation.

Our Rehabilitation Program features:

  • Weekly surgery consultation service
  • Individual peer counseling and participation in community burn support groups
  • Assistive technology
  • Splinting and serial casting
  • Brace clinic
  • Information for cosmetics
  • Adaptive sports and community outings