Medical Weight Management

Our approach

According to reports the UAE obesity rate is double the world average. Rates are also set to rise in the coming years.

At the hospital we will help people lose weight through education and the practice of physical activity. To give advice and on weight management and potentially reduce the incidence of obesity related disease.

At the hospital provide individual exercise programs   in conjunction with our nutritional advisors.

We strive to see your individual goal and achieve outcomes to help you lose excess weight and regain the healthy functional body you desire.

Increased weight can damage the bodies joints, bones and muscle and cause moving and daily activities to be painful and difficult.


Individual goal orientated exercise programs.

Education regarding why increasing physical activity can reduce health related disease and obesity.

Each individual will be guided by a professional interdisciplinary team.

Prescription of latest Medication and injections approved for weight loss.

Research and Technology

Research shows that decreased physical activity level in men and women can lead to higher and younger death rates. The global obesity problem has been described as an” epidemic”.

Research demonstrated that obesity is one of the main causes for disease such as diabetes, types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke to name but a few.


People who are more physically active will reduce the risk of disease associated with obesity.

For example stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer and coronary artery disease.

People who have lower BMI and follow a weight management program will become move functional and reduce poor mobility and risk of disease.

You can regain confidence in your body once more.